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“Postcard” Part 2

Have you time to put your feet up again, find a shaded spot, order that cool drink? Go on, do that and then pop over to read part 2 of Postcard on my Travel Insight Page.

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Similar Yet Different : Holidays and Being a Writer

Immm one thinks again about that comment, leaning on an elbow, tapping their finger on the chin, whistle looking skyward. Think!! The planning, organising, laying out, editing/rescheduling, the contacts, phone calls or emails, the tension, nerves, excitement, deadlines, the coming … Continue reading

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“Me Jane You Tarzan”

Ever been within 8 inches of an orangutan with nothing more than air between you..mmm thought not.  Now I have your attention, want to find out how I came to be that close to a young red-headed one, well hop … Continue reading

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My 2nd Travel Insight Story

Yes that’s right my 2nd Travel Insight story is up. It was a toss up where to go to from here, but I decided to stay with the winter theme, so cruise on over and check it out.  Don’t forget to … Continue reading

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My First Travel Insight story

Yep I finally managed to work this blog thing out to a point where I can actually write a story for you.  Its just a short narrative which hopefully you will find interesting as well as amusing.  So buckle up … Continue reading

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