My Writing Aspirations

Check back here from time to time as I share updates in my writing world, or interesting articles and events.

2 Responses to My Writing Aspirations

  1. Mark says:

    Hi Diane,

    Nice to meet you again at the Coatesville Market today and thank you for picking up our latest offering. It’s really great (and heartwarming!) to know we have the support of fellow writers such as yourself as we set about our work. I enjoyed reading some of your posts and wish you all the best in your own writing endeavors. See you again no doubt 🙂 Mark

    • Hi Mark,
      Thankyou for stopping by and leaving a comment. It was lovely to meet you again, and I am only sorry we couldn’t spend more time chatting. I wanted to mention that your latest post on the pros and cons of self publishing was very interesting. As you will no doubt be aware of I belong to the SCBWI and attended their LA Conference back in August this year. They have a small local meeting on the 19th November in Birkenhead Library, for established and aspiring writers/illustrators. Lorain Day formerly commissioning editor of Harper Collins NZ will be speaking.
      I am pleased you enjoyed reading some of my posts, I hope you will continue to venture here, and yes I am sure our paths will cross again.
      All the best on sunny Waiheke, Mark.:-)

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