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Blog on Hiatus and a South American Adventure

Yes, that’s right folks as from tomorrow, this blog will be in hiatus for the next four weeks as hubby and I take off for a summer adventure in South America. We have been planning on going for nearly two … Continue reading

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“Perfect Picture Book” – Friday

I know I am a little late with the Christmas theme, but I had, had this one saved and wanted so much to share it with you.  I think it’s a classic!   “The Worst Twelve Days of Christmas” Author:  … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to You All! Looking back it has certainly been an interesting, adventure.  Full of learning, and growing, with changes that have come my way.   In my personal life I took on a Managerial roll, with new staff, … Continue reading

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“Happy Birthday Erik”

If you have arrived in the middle of the adventure, you may start at the beginning by going HERE Erik chooses to go to Soggybottom Swamp: Another sign a little further along said, “See the Seer of Soggybottom. He sees … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

As Christmas Cheer rings out on Radio and Televisions around the world, and we delight in the exchanging and giving of gifts and give in to tempting delectables to eat, let us take a moment to reflect on the children … Continue reading

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Gungho Kiwi Jingle

Oh alright, tell me I’m crazy, who cares!….LOL I happened while checking emails late into the wee hours of early morning and came across Susanna’s blog, about her 2nd Annual Holiday Contest!!!   Oh well I am already sleep deprived, this … Continue reading

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“12×12 Party, BBQ and Wine”

If you go over to Julie Hedlund’s blog right now you will find… umm amazing talent,  lol… blazing away.  I laughed so much my hubby came to have a look and asked me who on earth was that…. “Julie” I … Continue reading

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“Perfect Picture Book” – Friday

In tribute to Universal Children’s Day, to do my bit in promoting the welfare of children in the world by posting books which focus on multicultural/multiracial issues, human rights, and/or children who have helped to change the world in some … Continue reading

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Slides in with a 12x12in12 October check in

Sorry I’m late, gosh!  So much has happened during October, it’s been a whirlwind.  Because of that I have got very behind in my emails.  Hundreds seem to be appearing as fast as I check them….  Ever felt that way? … Continue reading

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“Perfect Picture Book”- Friday

Oscar Wilde’s   The Happy Prince Retold by:  Elissa Grodin Illustrated by:  Laura Stutzman Published by:  Sleeping Bear Press Age:  8 years and up. Theme:  kindness, caring, compassion Opening Lines:  It had been several weeks since the rest of the swallows had … Continue reading

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