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Titbits of information for Writers

Hi, I’ve been missing in action here on my blog for a while so thought I would share some writing resources, titbits of information and some exciting news. In the world of writing it is as I have come to … Continue reading

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Looking ahead – 2014

  The first two days of the bright, sparkling New Year has been about catching up with dear friends.  I love it when I hop on Facebook for a few minutes only to have a writer friend or two pop … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

As Christmas Cheer rings out on Radio and Televisions around the world, and we delight in the exchanging and giving of gifts and give in to tempting delectables to eat, let us take a moment to reflect on the children … Continue reading

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“12×12 Party, BBQ and Wine”

If you go over to Julie Hedlund’s blog right now you will find… umm amazing talent,  lol… blazing away.  I laughed so much my hubby came to have a look and asked me who on earth was that…. “Julie” I … Continue reading

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Slides in with a 12x12in12 October check in

Sorry I’m late, gosh!  So much has happened during October, it’s been a whirlwind.  Because of that I have got very behind in my emails.  Hundreds seem to be appearing as fast as I check them….  Ever felt that way? … Continue reading

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“Perfect Picture Book”- Friday

Oscar Wilde’s   The Happy Prince Retold by:  Elissa Grodin Illustrated by:  Laura Stutzman Published by:  Sleeping Bear Press Age:  8 years and up. Theme:  kindness, caring, compassion Opening Lines:  It had been several weeks since the rest of the swallows had … Continue reading

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