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I’ve been missing in action here on my blog for a while so thought I would share some writing resources, titbits of information and some exciting news.

In the world of writing it is as I have come to know not such a lonely place as some believe, with all the workshops, webinars, Facebook groups and blogs, not to mention conferences and retreats to attend.  There is always new information, lots to learn and help you to hone your craft.  Many share their wisdom, resources and always they encourage and share their experiences with you.  It is a wonderful community that is open twenty-four-seven around the world.

One author/writer entrepreneur I first met online back in 2011 is the amazing Katie Davis who runs the Brain Burps about Books Podcast, also her programs and tools  from How to create Author Platform to Video Idiot Boot Camp and Marketing Solutions to promote your book among others click here.  The vivacious Katie loves to support her fellow writers. Check out her latest interview on my friend Vivian Kirkfield’s blog.

I also met up with Tara Lazar in 2011, author and instigator of the fun-filled month-long PiBoldMo held in November every year.  It is a free  month-long  writing Picture Book idea challenge for the month of November for writers. Check out her blog and join in the fun meeting other writers.  There is guest appearances from editors, authors and agents and giveaways.  Last year  there were over 1300 registered participants.  Come and join in the fun registration opens on 25th October.

Another writer/author who I owe a great deal to is the lovely Julie Hedlund founder of the 12×12 Challenge and she is also the founder of the Writers Renaissance Retreat held in Italy for writers.   Like Julie after the November PiBoldMo ended in 2011 I wondered what to do with all these ideas I had.  Julie decided to invite anyone to join her in a challenge to turn at least twelve of these ideas over the next twelve months into manuscripts albeit rough drafts but at least a step further towards our goal of publication. By the end of 2012 around fifty people had joined her.  Last year over 750 members registered and the 12×12 Challenge is now a thriving community of authors and writers with guest agents and editors who inspire, encourage and call ourselves “family.”  Why don’t you pop along to Julie’s Blog and check out her resources and the success stories for yourself.  You will be amazed.

I could not end this blog post without mentioning the amazing Emma Walton Hamilton with whom I first stepped into the internet world of the writer after taking her “Just Write for Kids, How to Write a Picture Book” course and I never looked back.   An actor, author, editor and writing coach her blog is chock full of resources from School Visit Wizard, to Ultimate Guide to Picture Books, and Editor in a Box, not to mention her Writing Courses on Middle Grade and YA.   Emma also offers an Editing service and One on One Coaching to the serious writer.  Take a look there is something there for everyone.

And the exciting news I have to share is a dear friend/author and writing buddy, Vivian Kirkfield  has secured agent Essie White of Storm Literary Agency.  Well done and congratulations.  Vivian is a beautiful writer who enjoys sharing her insights and works tirelessly at her craft and I am inspired by the hours she puts in.  Vivian’s blog is also one filled with lovely resources, information and crafts,  along with guests appearing in her famous “Will Write for Cookies” posts which is usually complete with delicious recipes shared by her guests.  Pop over and enjoy.

Join me again when I share more of my wonderful writing friends and their blogs.

About Diane Tulloch

Known also as the Patientdreamer I am a writer who loves to dream, and is passionate about writing stories for the young so that they may join me in the wonders of adventure in countries and cultures afar, and in special moments to remember.
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1 Response to Titbits of information for Writers

  1. Darlene says:

    The writing community is very supportive in person and on line. I am truly grateful for all the encouragement and assistance I have received over the years and thankful for friends like you!

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