Book Reading Challenge: Book 9

“Quaky Cat”

Waking early one morning before the birds, Tiger sensed danger and a voice in his head told him to run for his life.  He fled out of the house, down the buckling street as a loud thunder sound rolled up from under the ground.  He ran up a tree where he found half the cats from the city were hiding.  When dawn rose in the morning, Tiger came down the tree and went looking for his young owner through the crumpled city streets and found her in a shelter.  Tiger realises, as he snuggles in the arms of his young owner that……

   “Home is the giving and helping  and sharing,                                                                 When a city is crumbling then home is the caring.”

New Zealand Author Diana Noonan agonised like many, over what she could do to help after the September 2010 Christchurch earthquake.  She wished she was a builder or plumber, even an animal welfare officer, to help the animals.  As she points out in the beginning of this beautiful book, wishing isn’t going to help, instead, make use of the skills you do have.  So with help of Christchurch illustrator Gavin Bishop, “Quakey Cat”  was born.  In the back of this musically rhymed story there is a glossary of words and their meanings that Diana thought would help children talk,  and understand what happened, and not feel so frightened.   Though it bought a great deal of comfort for the children, little did anyone know that 6 months later Christchurch would suffer its worst quake ever.  Both the author and illustrator have donated their royalties from this book to different charities in and around Christchurch along with 50% of Scholastic proceeds from the sale of this book also go to helping those in need in Christchurch.  Scholastic have also gifted 15,000 of these books to year 1 and 2 children in the affected area.

With over 100 books to her credit, Diana’s stories lean toward teaching, understand and stimulating the minds of the young, and they have won many awards.   If you want to find out more about this author there is a write-up about her in the Christchurch Library.  This is a very special book.

About Diane Tulloch

Known also as the Patientdreamer I am a writer who loves to dream, and is passionate about writing stories for the young so that they may join me in the wonders of adventure in countries and cultures afar, and in special moments to remember.
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6 Responses to Book Reading Challenge: Book 9

  1. Patricia says:

    Awesome! Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful story written to help children deal with their fears when an earthquake hits, like in ChristChurch. Sometimes we think we have nothing to offer during times of devestation, but Diane Noonan certainly has given the children of New Zealand a beautiful gift and shown that, yes we each have something to give. What a compassionate soul — such a lovely tribute to her work!

    • Hi Patricia,
      Yes it is lovely to hear of such compassion as Diana’s, also her quick thinking to get it out there. We have this book in our shop, and I just couldn’t resist reviewing it. Thanks Patricia.

  2. elizabethannewrites says:

    This sounds like an amazing book. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to help people in general, and children in particular, deal with such a devastating catastrophe. How wonderful that this author found a creative way to help — in more far-reaching ways than she had dreamed of when she first wrote the book. Isn’t it good that the book was written and ready for children when the recent earthquake hit? Oh my.

    Thank you for telling us about this book, and the ways author, illustrator and publisher are helping so many kids in so many ways.

  3. Thankyou Beth for your comment.
    I was thinking after posting this review, wouldn’t it be lovely if we oneday as writers be in a position like Diana to help so many children. A review of such an author is indeed inspiring for us. Thanks again.

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