Rachel’s First Campaigner Challenge

I have joined a Writers Challenge Campaigner and this is Rachel’s.

Write a short story/flash fiction story in 200 words or less, excluding the title. It can be in any format, including a poem. Begin the story with the words, “The door swung open” These four words will be included in the word count.

If you want to give yourself an added challenge (optional), use the same beginning words and end with the words: “the door swung shut.” (also included in the word count)

For those who want an even greater challenge, make your story 200 words EXACTLY!
Well here is mine …   200 words exactly.

                               The Door flew Open

The Door flew open, she didn’t turn around, she knew who it was. A smile etched from the corners of her moist lips feeling his muscular body rub ever so gently against her back. His hands moved to the tie of her robe, undoing the knot, it slipped to the floor. A finger glided a strand of hair back behind her right ear, leaning in he brushed his lips against the small of her lobe, his tongue darting inside, his fingers made their way down her neck following the opening of the robe. Her breathing increased and her heart beat faster at the share delight of his touch. She moved her head to the side allowing his mouth to find her eager lips. His hand slid inside the robe his fingers clenched her ripe nipple causing a tingling sensation to her stomach.

  knock at the door.

“Your car is here sir”

“arr… thankyou. Be right down.” he quickly stepped back. She clasped the opening of her robe together with her hand and smiled shyly.

“Beg your pardon, madam, I must go”. catching her soft eyes as he bowed, he hesitated briefly before leaving the room, the door swung shut.

About Diane Tulloch

Known also as the Patientdreamer I am a writer who loves to dream, and is passionate about writing stories for the young so that they may join me in the wonders of adventure in countries and cultures afar, and in special moments to remember.
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86 Responses to Rachel’s First Campaigner Challenge

  1. Cynthia says:

    wow okay, I guess I have to get ready now and move! 🙂

  2. elizabethannewrites says:

    Definitely makes mine seem very tame!

  3. Racey stuff! I’m wondering what the relationship is between the MC and the amorous man. Intriguing!

  4. Sexy! I’m left wondering… is she a madam? Is this a mock role-play between long time lovers? Good stuff. ~ Nadja

    • LOL, I am so happy I gave you something to think about. Lovely of you to drop by and thanks for the comment.

      • There were only a few romance entries in this challenge, which surprised me! Congrats on being shortlised – and good luck to you! And thank you for stopping by my page and leaving such a nice comment. It is appreciated. ~ Nadja

  5. I like how you refused to clarify their relationship to each other… leaves lots of questions 🙂

  6. Thankyou, glad you liked it. 🙂

  7. Woohoo! This is the first romance version I’ve read. Very…um…yeah. *blushes*

  8. Angela Brown says:

    Now that’s some spicey romance there. Very nice.

  9. Beth, (I lost the reply button on your last comment) So posted here ..

    “Oh! could be…. LOL, thankyou for your comment by the way”.

  10. Hi,

    Oooh, naughty naughty, but fun! 😉


  11. Tyffani says:

    They don’t know each other…? Is he a gigolo? lol Nice work!

  12. Kimberly says:

    Ooh, leaves me wondering about the relationship too. I love seeing where these first few words “The door swung shut,” is taking everyone in their story.

  13. Lady Gwen says:

    Very Hot! And Funny! *fans face* New follower here, stopping by from the campaign 🙂

  14. Makes me want to know who they are and what’s going on. Great little story!

  15. K.M. Walton says:

    Very sexy. And you’ve set it up so the reader has tons of questions. Nice.

  16. Steamy. Great entry (tease) for the challenge. 🙂

  17. very seductive and steamy — couldn’t believe it was you! I liked it a lot! Voted for you. I’m #85, buy my photo didn’t take.

    • LOL thankyou so much Pat. Oh yes it’s me…lol.(sometimes), I am sure we can fix your pic. I had the same problem to, just takes time. So good to see you here.

  18. Amping up the blush factor! Great entry 🙂

  19. Aaron Lewis says:

    I didn’t know you could pump that much steam into 20 words.

  20. Christy Farmer says:

    LOL…I’m liking how people are trying to figure out the identities of this couple! I’m thinking that since he addressed her as madam that either she is married to a person in a powerful position if she is not in one herself. As for the guy…I’m thinking somehow that he is a business associate of husband. 🙂

    • LOL… I am having so much fun just reading the comments. Don’t know how many times I have nearly fallen off my seat with laughter.
      You are close, very close……..lol.

  21. The amorous parts were nice, but I was more interested in the “Madam” comment. What, exactly, is the relationship between them, hm?

  22. Tantalizing! Always that darn knock at the door. I have the feeling that the woman played that timing to her advantage, though. Good job!

  23. doreen says:

    Teaser!! Good stuff…

  24. I’ve been reading some today. I agree with Lynda – it’s a great entry (tease) for the challenge.

  25. Very good. I didn’t want him to go. I’m #72

  26. Trisha says:

    What a tease!! hehe

  27. Jen says:

    This makes me want to know the backstory here. Good job!

  28. Wow, that was steamy! WTG…200 hundred words aren’t a lot, but you’ve got a great (grown up) scene here. 😀

  29. Joanna says:

    definitely not picture book material, very steamy, Diane 🙂

  30. Holly Vance says:

    Cold shower, here I come. Hot stuff!

  31. Catherine Johnson says:

    Very exciting! Great how we have no idea about the relationship. You can definitely write romance 🙂

  32. D.J.Kirkby says:

    Who is she? Who is he? More please!

  33. More wanted here too! Nicely done.

  34. rbyrnes says:

    Hello there! You’ve been shrotlisted to round two of the challenge!

  35. Susanna says:

    WOW! Definitely not what I was expecting from a fellow Picture Book/Early Reader/Chapter Book/MG/YA writer! Great piece!

  36. Candy says:

    My mouth is gaping open! Fun!

  37. Hey love it, like a bit of a teaser – and glad mine isn’t the only naughty one!

  38. Ha! That was quite the eye opener to read first thing in the morning:) You’ve got me wondering too…who was that dude?:)

  39. Sonia Lal says:

    You are right, we do have something in common. Though yours is steamer than mine! LOL

  40. Woo! Definitely left wondering what their relationship is! Especially since he comes in ever so boldly but leaves in a timid manner calling her madam. Intrigued. 😉

  41. Intriguing indeed! Pleased you like this Amanda

  42. Risque and intriguing. I do need to know who these people are because I keep getting a disconcerting picture in my mind of certain members of the royal family… no… It isn’t is it?

    • LOL …. Oh My! thats very good….mmm no it isn’t but your close… LOL. I get more enjoyment from these comments than writing the story… Oh did I say that? *blushes*

  43. Elaine says:

    Steamy! The relationship is between the MC and the man left me wondering who had the upper hand – but I think you described that in some detail ;).

  44. Doctor FTSE says:

    Perhaps “Madam” is his pet-name for his wife? Or would that spoil the story?

  45. Really, he had to go? I kinda wondered what she had to smile about. At that point. I’d probably be getting ready to kill him. Quite a mysterious piece.

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