“November, a Month of Ideas”

During my time with the Writer’s Platform Campaign on Rach Writes Blog I came across another month long writers campaign called PiBoldMo, created and run by Tara Laser. A mother of two young girls, a member of SCBWI she has her first two picture books due out in the next couple of years. With all she has going on I am amazed she has time to create such a huge writers haven. I was first a bit nervous about joining but after reading other writers encouraging comments as well as from my online friends, I decided to take the plunge, so here I am. It’s not as scary as I first thought, one simply sets up a file, either hard copy or online and whenever an idea (hopefully one for each day of November) comes to mind, add it to the file. The idea can be anything from a title to a few sentences, whatever you come up with, but it is hoped that by the end of November you will have discovered some of those ideas could and would, flourish into beautifully polished manuscripts in the months that follow. The ideas are yours to keep it’s the keeping of tally and popping back to Tara’s blog to read special blog interviews throughout the month and joining the facebook conversations, that draws writers together, to discuss, flesh out, compare, trade tips/secrets, etc that make this haven a fun filled place to help get those creative juices flowing. Speaking of which, I already have 3 ideas in my folder and I know two of them are definite picture book manuscripts in the making…. “How do I know you ask?” Because I keep going back to them and adding a sentence here and there…hehe. Yep it already got me thinking. I know during the month there will be times and probably more than I like to think, that I will find it very hard to come up with anything at all, life and work does get in the way at times, but if there is one thing that I have learned since starting a blog, it is the inspiration, friendship, and encouragement, one gains by reading, commenting, picking up tips and valuable information that guides me in my quest to become a children’s book author. This is definitely another of those wonderful sandboxes we writers are privileged to write in. One of Tara’s first blog guests, Mindy Aylse Weiss, is already up on her blog with 10 great reasons why you should try it

(Note: the little guy up on the top left was created to light the way for PiBoldMo, by talented illustrator Bonnie Adamson)

Come join us there are only a couple of days left.

About Diane Tulloch

Known also as the Patientdreamer I am a writer who loves to dream, and is passionate about writing stories for the young so that they may join me in the wonders of adventure in countries and cultures afar, and in special moments to remember.
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12 Responses to “November, a Month of Ideas”

  1. So glad you are joining in too, Diane. I do love Bonnie’s logo! This should be a great learning month for us picture book writers.

  2. Nice piece Diane on the upcoming challenge. This should be fun, although I’m still not sure how it works. Love Bonnie Adamson’s logos — glad I finally got one downloded. Finally, something for PB writers. – Pat

    • Hi Pat, thankyou for your comment. It’s like an honesty box. Think of ideas, make notes, a sentence or just a title and file it. It’s asking to devote the month of November to seeking out ideas to file. You are not required to share them. Just let her know at the end of the month if you have succeeded or not. Somewhere among those ideas of yours is an award winning book of yours…*winks*

  3. Catherine Johnson says:

    So pleased you are doing PiBoldMo Diane! See you on Tara’s blog 🙂

  4. Hi Catherine,
    So glad you are doing this to. I was on the chat there for awhile but having to go now… work calls. Hopefully we will catch up soon.

  5. I love it when an idea calls out for more details! I’m excited about the idea challenge and drafting a few picture books.

  6. T.F.Walsh says:

    Best of luck with your challenges… I’m trying out Nano for the first time this year… hoping I can stick to it:)

  7. elizabethannewrites says:

    This should be a really great way to nudge one’s brain into idea-mode.

    One of my blog-friends calls those delightful little guys that light our way through PiBoIdMo “light-bulb bugs” and until she said it, I hadn’t connected them with the lightbulbs that supposedly go off over one’s head when one has an idea.

    To our success!

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