I Have Been Memed!

When I first saw I had been Memed, and the questions being asked, I have to admit I became a little nervous about doing it, as it does conjure up some very deep memories and some that are best left unmentioned so the thought of running away and hiding seemed like a very good option for me. But if the owner of a very lovely blog called “Is Anyone There” going by the name Cassam is brave enough to do one then I guess I should to. Cassam memed me awhile back and it is only now I have finally gotten around to posting my answers.

So here they are:…

1. If you could go back in time and relive one moment, what would it be?

Oh this is easy; there are two particular moments, both with regard to a very special person and both not that many years ago. Meeting the lovely, enchanting Dame herself, Julie Andrews. A lovely elegant woman who is so gracious and took the time to have a few words with me. The first time was unexpectedly in the hotel in Sag Harbour with Emma, the second a couple of years later at the Media Centre in New York. Both times were so very brief, but memorable. Now, THAT is someone who I would love to have an interview with, about her writing.

 2. If you could go back in time and change one thing what would it be?

Oh my! This is when it gets very personal and emotional for me. Again there are two situations that I would give anything, to change. The most painful would be as a 12yr old when my parents fought so violently and eventually divorced, I would give anything if that could be reversed. I would now have contact with my Dad again if things were different. One never forgets such memories. The other was more recent, a friend, and more a misunderstanding.

3. What movie/TV character do you most resemble in personality?

Mmm… This was very hard to think of…. I came up with a number of people and couldn’t really put my finger on any one person… so I ended up asking a dear online friend who immediately thought of Deborah Kerr’s character from “The King and I”. She was thinking of the children around me, my calming influence, and my going to different countries, but the one thing we did both agree on, was the doubtfulness that the character and I have in common, whether it be in matters of the heart, making a decision, being sure of our selves. Leaving making the right decision late, as was her character, in the King and I. Also a bit of Maria in the sound of Music…. An organiser behind the scenes, quiet and calm. 

4. If you could push someone off a cliff and get away with it who would you choose?

That thought would never enter my head. I guess I always try to believe no matter what, there is good in everybody. I tend to look for that special something, no matter how cruel or hurtful, we are all human, we make mistakes. That’s why forgiveness and compassion was invented.

5. Name one habit you could change about yourself.

Mmm …Procrastinating is a biggie for me wondering whether I should or I shouldn’t, Being a Libran I have a terrible habit of weighing things up, often hesitant and therefore missing out. The doubtful bunny who is never quite sure about herself as others are of her, and can worry or feel guilty of things said or done in the spur of the moment. Likes to take time…. A lot of time..

6. Why do you blog (answer in one sentence)

Wow! I don’t think I really knew why or how it would be used when I first started nearly a year ago, but it has been an extraordinary adventure of discovery, being “out there” for all to see, meeting new wonderful people from extraordinary places, learning and sharing my own thoughts, ideas and adventures and building a foundation for my writing and hopefully for the years ahead.

Edited:  I forgot to add the last part of my post here….

I have to pass the meme on to three other blogs and here they..

Pat at  http://childrensbooksheal.com/  a lovely sensitive, warm blog touching on children with special needs.

Catherine at http://catherinemjohnson.wordpress.com/page/2/  enjoy the fresh look as you take in some poetry and delightfully interesting posts.

KT at http://www.kthanna.com/   a modern, exciting blog with eye catching affects and interesting posts.


About Diane Tulloch

Known also as the Patientdreamer I am a writer who loves to dream, and is passionate about writing stories for the young so that they may join me in the wonders of adventure in countries and cultures afar, and in special moments to remember.
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8 Responses to I Have Been Memed!

  1. Enjoyed your answers Diane. Love your special moments with your favorite actress. You, know when I first met you in person last summer, I immediately thought that you resembled Petula Clark a bit. Still see the resemblance. But, I like you choices of characters as they both represent your love for children. Um — haven’t exerienced you as a procrastinator. Watched you in action and you were very proactive. Fun interview and answers. – Pat

    • hahaha…. Petula Clark, oh my! Actually I grew up listening and dancing to her and Dinah Lee songs as a teen. Never gave her a thought, I must check out some pics of her.
      mmm… I am a procrastinator. I know because of the trip to LA, my hubby did say to me, “Make sure it’s worth it…” knowing he would be dissapointed if I just sat there and didn’t push myself, I think I even surprised myself, and certainly enjoyed the time we had there in LA. (must have been the company, *wink*) Thankyou for your encouraging comments, as always Pat.

  2. Catherine Johnson says:

    I could have sworn I’ve read this before, I must have been side-tracked from commenting. These are very thought-provoking questions good grief! Your answers are very sweet, you are a lovely person.

    • awww….. thankyou Catherine. Sorry I hadn’t replied until now, as I didn’t know you had commented. Yes it did take me some time to get around to answering these questions.
      Glad you did stop by.

      • Catherine Johnson says:

        Hi Diane, I don’t know if I can do this on my blog. I kind of want to keep things light-hearted. Maybe I’ll answer in pictures or something. I’ll think on it 😉

  3. Thanks for doing this Diane.I’m so glad I memed you as I just knew the answers would be worth reading. You met Julie Andrews, how wonderful she is such a lady I never tire of hearing her interviewed. When I read someone else’s answers it makes me remember so many other things I could have said.I did have a falling out with a best friend (over children) 14yrs ago I wish I could go back and change it, and what you said just made me think of it.
    Deborah Carr in The King and I sounds lovely I would love to try on the dresses she wore.Thanks again for doing this.

    • Thankyou Anne. I was surprised and hesitant about doing this, but then thought why not. Yes meeting Julie was an amazing experience.
      I learned the hard way. It’s forgiveness that sets us free.
      Ohhhh yes I would love those dresses to…. lol.

  4. Diane I hope this one doesn’t make you nervous. I have left a Liebster Blog Award for you on my blog.Pop over anytime to pick it up.

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