Happy New Year

Happy New Year! to everyone and I hope you are looking forward to a bright future in both your personal and writing world.

Looking back over 2011 I can honestly say it has been one of ups and downs, certainly an interesting one, starting new ventures, meeting new people, changing jobs, and travelling far a field. There have been surprises in both my personal and writing endeavours and I have surprised myself (as well as others) in what I have accomplished. I have not only joined a writing forum, and been a prominent participant, but managed to start up a Blog, yes this Blog. I joined the SCBWI and attended the LA Summer Conference as well as been to all the meetings here in NZ. I can’t tell you how much I got out of attending each and every one of those and the lovely people I have met both in LA and here. To participating in Write On Con and to the Writers Platform Challenge which resulted not only in going outside my comfort zone, but in having my flash fiction published. I never dreamed that any of this would have happened back in January of 2011.

Recently participating in PiBoldMo I found I became fired up with ideas and although it was a hectic time for me personally (due to work), I couldn’t help but be drawn into the hype with other writers, their encouragement, their nudging me along, emails of wisdom and tips, to congratulating messages I was both moved and hugely grateful for every one of them. There are numerous other areas of the writing I have found so enjoyable such as Interviews with authors and publishers to Book Reviews, including the Perfect Book Friday on Susanna’s Blog, and polishing my work in progress. All of which has helped me grow both personally and as a writer, my eyes have been opened to a world in writing, I never knew existed and my confidence has risen to a higher level than I ever imagined.

As I watched the fireworks over the city at midnight with my husband, from our upstairs deck, I am imagining what 2012 will bring. Oh yes there will always be ups and downs, my job is still in the air and there will be decisions I will have to make, but I face those with new confidence. The 12×12 challenge on Julie’s Blog will be an excellent distraction and a much needed force to ensure my writing moves to a new level, and more manuscripts hopefully polished, a few critiqued, and possibly publisher ready. Well that’s the goal I am setting myself. Yes I have other goals, like losing weight and organising another long overseas trip in early 2013 among others. But my writing has become very important to me and so to have the friends who push, prod and encourage me and who I hope will continue to do so. They are my rock!

So…. You have noticed I decided to start the New Year with a new look and yes I will over time gently work around how to use and accommodate my blog so others can find it easier to access it. Thankyou for being here, for all that you have been to me over 2011 and here’s to an even more successful, fun filled 2012… Exciting times ahead!

(If you are reading this around mid to late morning we will be sitting down to a New Years Breakfast of BBQ Ham Steaks, Bacon, Hasbrowns, eggs, followed by Banana Pancakes with maple syrup washed down with Champaign, with friends on our deck…..ahhhh summer!)

About Diane Tulloch

Known also as the Patientdreamer I am a writer who loves to dream, and is passionate about writing stories for the young so that they may join me in the wonders of adventure in countries and cultures afar, and in special moments to remember.
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17 Responses to Happy New Year

  1. What a wonderful year (well, maybe not the job issues). Glad we met through the campaign (I think). I look forward to hanging out with you in 2012. And, thanks for the lovely image of a summer New Year’s celebration.

    • Thanks Stacy, yes it has been an eventfull year and I am pleased to have met you. One of the highlights of the year for sure. Your welcome regarding the breakfast outdoor vision, maybe one year you will join us…lol.. Look forward to hanging out with you in 2012. Happy New Year.

    • Happy New Year Erik. It’s been a blast getting to know you. Bet you will have a fun 2012, after all, you are in double digits now. Keep up the great work, look forward to hanging out with you.

  2. Catherine Johnson says:

    Happy New year! That breakfast sounds delicious. Love the look of your blog and congrats on all you’ve achieved this year. It has been eventful!

    • Thankyou Catherine. Yes it has been an eventful year and I am hoping 2012 will be even better with a plan in place. Thankyou for your kind words regarding my blog and maybe one day you will join us for breakfast on the deck…..LOL. Happy New Year my dear friend.

  3. You are already a Year ahead of the rest of us! I love the growth I’ve observed in you this past year. And, I expect 2012 will bring so much more. Happy New Year!

    • LOL…. Yep we are…when you look at it like that..LOL. Thankyou Pat, you have been encouraging and inspiring, ever present to offer tips. I have done things this year I never dreamed of doing at the start of 2011, thanks to you. 2012 should be an exciting year for us both and I look forward to our continued friendship. Many thanks and Happy New Year.

  4. Is this a new web page look? I like it!

  5. Mette Omvik says:

    Happy New Year,Diane. All the best for you and your writing in 2012!
    That breakfast sounds wonderful! I’m still waiting for New Year up here in Norway:)

  6. Happy New Year Diane,Watching the fireworks from your deck sounds devine. I have enjoyed getting to know you this year it’s amazing the people we meet through starting a blog and this time last year I didn’t even know what a blog was!

    • Oh Anne, this time last year I was nervously thinking about it and wondering if I should be so daring….lol! Now I love it, especially when all these lovely friends I meet keep coming back to comment…. like you. Happy New Year, all the Best.

  7. Great, bright new blog look, Diane. What a year! You have seen such positive growth and success this year, we have much to celebrate! Happy, sunny New Year!

    • Yay! Joanna!… I wasn’t sure if you were still checking blogs while away on holiday. So pleased to see you here. Thankyou for your lovely comment, it has been quite a year, hasn’t it. Hope you are enjoying your travels. Stay tuned as I have a blog post coming up soon especially for you…. Happy New Year my friend!

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