Author:   Mark Sommerset

Illustrator:  Rowan Sommerset

Published by:   Dreamboat Books

Ages:   0 – 12 years.

Theme:   Friendship, Lonely, anxiety, believe

First Lines:  Two little bugs sitting on a leaf, One on the top…. One underneath.

Synopsis:  From the back of the book…..    Chomp, chomp, Chew!  Little Bug Blue has a wish.  Little Bug Red has an appetite.  Together they find out that getting what you always wanted is sometimes just the beginning.

Little Bug Blue wants so much to see what’s on the other side of the leaf, to be on the sunny side, to not be so lonely.   Little Bug Red wants him to join her, but hes too afraid to make the move, so she does the only thing a Bug can do….   Chomp!

Why I like this:  Once again this Choice winner partnership have done it again!  Marks’ sparce, clever text hitting the soft spot, tells you so much but leaves plenty of room for the illustrations to give you the real picture.  His wife, Rowan’s clever design in cut out pages, delicate illustrations in  soft greens, gray and charcoal has you wanting to turn the pages if only to find out whether Little Blue Bug gets his wish.   This book will delight children from the very young upward, from the first page with it’s cleverly cut out leaf,  to the chomped cut out bits through the pages, as Little Red Bug eats her way through. Simplicity is the key!

Resources/Findings:   There are no actual resources for accompanying this book.  Other than the Website of Dreamboats …..

Here is a cute song……

This book has already won an award and is being showcased in Bologna at the Childrens’  Book Fair.

Here’s something I wouldn’t do, but kids will love….   Setting up their own Bug Catcher.

This book would be great in schools,  providing a source to introduce discussion on bugs.   Kids love going on nature walks….  this provides some ideas and resources.

Amazing what you find when you start looking for resources…. This is a great website….

For more books with resources please visit the lovely author Susanna Leonard Hill’s blog and find the tab for  Perfect Picture Books.    Her blog is full of resources links and activities associated with the books reviewed by many authors

About Diane Tulloch

Known also as the Patientdreamer I am a writer who loves to dream, and is passionate about writing stories for the young so that they may join me in the wonders of adventure in countries and cultures afar, and in special moments to remember.
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  1. Catherine Johnson says:

    Wonderful choice Diane. I look forward to reading it.

  2. Ha! I like how you got lost in the Internet for a minute there, looking for activities. I do that all the time! This book looks adorable, and if the first line is anything to judge by, I bet the rhyme is sweet and delightful. Thanks for letting us know about it!

    • Your very welcome Renee. Yes I was wandering around looking for some activities for kids….. takes time…lol. It is a lovely book Mark and Rowan are kiwis. Yes the rhyme is lovely, I should have mentioned that I guess… I will update the text to show it.

  3. Darlene says:

    I know some little people who would like this one! Thanks.

  4. What a fun and educational book — love the message. Love that it is in rhyme. Sounds beautiful. And dare I say, it’s not a Kiwi book?? Ha, you really found the resources and activities for this book. Nice PPB selection.

    • LOL , Actually Pat, Mark and his wife are a kiwi partnership and live here in Auckland where I am. Except they live in the harbour on an island. Cool huh! So yes it is a kiwi book. I have posted about them before…. umm guess I should have mentioned it… Thanks Pat.

  5. This book look so cute, Diane! And what a great story for kids, because how often do they want to make friends but feel shy. Thanks so much for sharing this – it will make a great addition to our list!

  6. I love the cover and the book sounds like it’s right up my alley!

  7. I really want to read this book. I am a sucker for cut-out books and this sounds like it was “cleverly” done. Thanks for the suggestion.

  8. Amy Dixon says:

    Bugs are always a hit around here. Thanks for the recommendation!

  9. This sounds like a delightful book, despite the fact that it features, um … bugs. 😉

    Thanks, Diane!

  10. Thanks for the review Diane. Can’t wait to check out all your links.

  11. Hi there Diane, I am deeply fascinated by husband-wife tandems in children’s picture books, there seems to be quite a lot of them! Such a talented household. Will check this book out. Thanks for sharing.

    • They are a lovely couple and I have met them more than once at huge craft fairs we have here. He is autographing the books as people buy them. They are doing very well, now sending to overseas stockists. Do check out their website. Thanks for commenting Myra.

  12. This book seems really cute! The illustrations look magnificent! The idea is really great! I have to pay the library a visit…
    P.S. The video was really cute too! (Darth Vader Bug and Batman Bug – Who wouldn’t love the costumes?!? 😉 )

  13. Love the rhyme, Diane! Looks like a great book…and I think you did an amazing job with the resources and activities…thank you so much!

  14. Thankyou Vivian glad you liked it. Some interesting resources once I started looking through.

  15. Hi Diane – thanks for sharing our latest book with your online community. Great to see so many favourable responses. Up , up and away!

    • Hi Mark, So glad you popped by. This makes two I have showcased here and I still have another on my shelve to read and review another time soon. Glad you liked the response, these are fellow childrens book writers, from around the world from a couple of writer comunities I am with on FB. As many are aspiring writers they are very interested in success stories, so if you have time, maybe you would not mind emailing me in relation to doing an interview, via email. If you wish I can be reached by :
      Thanks for stopping by and do come again. (Your website is in my sidebar)

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