Christmas is almost upon us!

Last week as I was putting up the Christmas tree at work, and decorating it with tinsel and some of the gift card products we were required to display by the Christmas card stands, setting gift boxes around it and finally throwing foam chips over the tree to give it that beautiful snow effect, I was suddenly reminded of a beautiful children’s book that had recently arrived for me.  I thought it perfect to share at this time as my “get ready for Christmas message,” like last year.  I know, I know, gosh Christmas already you gasp!  But working in a Post Office, Christmas comes early, especially down here.  I think personally it has something to do with the position of our country on the globe.  After all, pulling that big lump of a guy in his red suit, as he waves, boisterously calling “Ho, ho…” to all the kids, must surely be hard work for the reindeers,  flying uphill towards other countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, America, England and so on….

Maybe it’s the fact we live so far away, downhill I mean. Or maybe it’s because we see the new day first before anyone else, whatever it is, we already have our posters up reminding our customers it’s time to get those gifts ready for the long journey to love ones, and friends in faraway places.  As I stepped out and admired all the beautiful Christmas decorations now up in many of the stores around us, I to, started thinking about Christmas gifts, baking Christmas cakes and all the trimmings that go into this festive season.  I am usually so very behind in sending off gifts and madly race around with last minute baking.  This year I have to be on top of my game as the family gathering and celebrating is happening at our place.  So here is a sweet book to add to your Christmas list…

“The Very Fairy Princess”… A Fairy Merry Christmas

By: Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton

Illustrated by: Christine Davenier

Published by: LB kids an imprint of Little Brown Books for early readers, Oct 2012

At 547 words a beginning readers ticket to Passport to Read.

Once again we meet the enchanting Gerry whose sparkle is engaging and delightful.

It’s Christmas time and Gerry sets about in her workshop making homemade gifts for the family.  How did she know just what to make and just what did she use? I am not telling… you will have to buy the book to find that out.  One thing is for sure, along with the tinsel, Gerry’s active imagination and sparkle promise to delight and bring joy on Christmas Day.

One thing I was aware as I read this charming book is that I am sure it is based on what is happening inside these author’s homes in the lead up to Christmas Day, and the message that homemade gifts are priceless treasures of love from the heart.  Be it a poem, a picture, a fable, tied in a bow, hanging from the tree, given with love, a keepsake!

Don’t forget to add this one to your list for a special niece, daughter or granddaughter, the little girl next door or a gift collection box, to share a little sparkle.

While I am making suggestions, another special treat you could add to your Christmas shopping list is Julie and Emma’s  “Treasury for all Seasons” Poems and Songs to Celebrate the Year.  You can see my review here.

Happy Christmas shopping…..



About Diane Tulloch

Known also as the Patientdreamer I am a writer who loves to dream, and is passionate about writing stories for the young so that they may join me in the wonders of adventure in countries and cultures afar, and in special moments to remember.
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16 Responses to Christmas is almost upon us!

  1. As you know, my copy of this delightful little book just arrived a couple of days ago and I absolutely love it! This is a great idea, to post about it and the Treasury in time to get people thinking about them as Christmas gifts. (Wish I had some little ones to give gifts to!)

    • Yes, I wish little ones were nearer to me so I could watch their faces as their fingers shake with excitment in ripping off the colourful paper and hear their squeals of delight on Christmas morning. Glad you liked my choices to post for Christmas ideas.

  2. I am sure this is a very special book. I will have to find it and give it a read.

  3. Darlene says:

    I love Christmas and wish it was all year! So I don’t think it is too early at all. This looks like a lovely little book, one I would love to share with my little ones. Thanks for spreading CHristmas cheer.

    • LOL…. you know Darlene, there was a time I dreaded Christmas, but that was another time and we won’t go there. I so love it now and like you wish it was all year, (at least the weather would be I am sure you will find it a great little book, happy shopping!

  4. Funny, I went to a secondhand book store today and stocked up on Christmas movies to put me in the mood and now I read your lovely post! Here’s too a long and festive holiday season…;~)

    Donna L Martin

  5. I need to get the Very Fairy Princess books! I have them on my to get list! I like the sound of “Treasury for all Seasons” too! 😉

  6. Cyranette says:

    Here in the States, there have been Christmas decorations and gift giving ideas being advertised for a couple months – while the weather has been sunny and hot. We haven’t even started wearing sweaters yet! But, while shopping isn’t on my mind, the thought of Peace on Earth never leaves me.

  7. clarbojahn says:

    I guess because you don’t have Thanksgiving to go through, Christmas is the next big holiday. Thanks for your ideas. I need some. I so don’t want to be among the throngs in November shopping then. Now is the time before all the craziness starts up. lol.

    • We do celebrate Halloween and Guy Fawkes but otherwise its true Christmas is the next big holiday. Yes it is soon the crazy season. Glad you liked the ideas Clar.

  8. Love both books and have purchased for my granddaughter for Christmas! But, I like your promoting them in this manner. Lovey post.

  9. Aww… thanks Pat. I am sure your granddaughter will love them.

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