Hi everyone, welcome  to the first instalment following Vivian on her travels to Australia and New Zealand.

I promised to post videos and pictures and I’ve decided to leave the videos till I’m at home or at least post in facebook, but here are some photos for you to enjoy.   Since Vivian has already landed and been in Sydney for the last couple of days sightseeing on and off the buses, cruising the harbour and enjoying a personal tour of Sydney with Susanne Gervay  the RA for SCBWI Aust East/NZ , I thought I would quickly show you our first night together.  Catching up with fellow 12x12ers and the kidlit community along with meeting the lovely Essie White of Storm Literary Agency and some of the Storm family.  (what a lovely bunch they are)  Enjoy!

Roomies  with Maria Marshall and Vivian Kirkfield.   What a blast and so wonderful to finally meet up with my dear sweet friend and critique buddy.  So looking forward to the adventures we will have over the next few weeks.



12×12 Kaye Baille and Susanne Gervay.







Above with Essie White of Storm Literacy   and the Storm Australian and New Zealand family.

After meeting so many wonderful kidlit people we nipped out for a bite to eat at a local Thai restaurant.





Will be back with more soon.  Keep an eye out for me. )

About Diane Tulloch

Known also as the Patientdreamer I am a writer who loves to dream, and is passionate about writing stories for the young so that they may join me in the wonders of adventure in countries and cultures afar, and in special moments to remember.
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  1. tinamcho says:

    How fun to follow along with you!

  2. What a joy to be in Australia with you, Diane! I’m having so much fun! And looking forward to the school and library visits and the local SCBWI conference chat.

  3. Monica Delyani says:

    My Aunt Viv is the sweetest! Show her the best time there!

    • Aww… thank you Monica. She is most definitely the sweetest, kindness and generous person. I am definitely showing her the best time. I love her to bits and I know I will not want to let her go home. 😉 Whatch out for more fun videos and pics in the next couple of weeks.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Monica…glad you enjoyed the post and the pics…I am having the BEST time!!

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  5. Darlene says:

    Enjoy every minute!!

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