Hi everyone, sorry Vivian couldn’t introduce these videos as she is very, very busy reading hundreds of #50 Precious Words posts on her blog. Another record number of stellar stories.

Anyway I thought you would love to know what she has been doing this past week.  I mention that I was taking her away from the big city following the eastern coast from Auckland to Waihi, stopping at Bowentown  for a picnic lunch overlooking fabulous swimming spots.  After a few hours we drove on down through Tauranga to Mount Mauganui for our overnight stay. This is a favourite tourist spot especially high summer and New Years.  It’s kind of a mini Gold Coast.  With a small number of high rise apartments opening on to a long sandy white beach.   You’ll love these pictures of pristine vivid blue water, and white sand.   After meeting up with a couple of dear old work colleagues of mine we headed the next day for Rotorua.  Visiting Geysers, Champagne Pool  (my favourite),  we ended up at a very authentic Maori concert which was incredible (even if I say so myself). On the third day there we drove to Taupo (largest lake in NZ) known for it’s trout fishing.  We then drove on to Turangi so Vivian could see the snow capped mountains nearby but after stopping for petrol and restrooms I stupidly walked in to a glass door and my glasses left a nasty cut near my eye brow.  So we rested for a while before we headed back to Rotorua by which time my ego didn’t feel quite so bad and we went for walk in the Redwood Tree tops.  This consists of walking on 37 swing bridges through pine trees and ponga ferns.  Beautiful! As you will see. Afterward we hopped on a gondola for dinner over looking Rotorua and after a night of playing cards we left Rotorua for Matamata.

Driving through what is usually green fields, most of which is very dry right now due to our unusually dry temperatures (heatwave for over three weeks) we arrived at the Hobbiton Shop/Ticket office and café.  The actual Hobbit houses are kept secret due to them being on private property and as thousands of tourists visit them every month special buses and bookings are used.  Enjoy the following video as you follow Vivian wandering around this little place known as Middle Earth.  Had to laugh as Vivian is the right height for the little doors. Enjoy…

Well that’s it for this post.  Do pop back again soon as I will be posting the SCBWI  Auckland NZ meeting with Vivian’s presentation.



About Diane Tulloch

Known also as the Patientdreamer I am a writer who loves to dream, and is passionate about writing stories for the young so that they may join me in the wonders of adventure in countries and cultures afar, and in special moments to remember.
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  1. What a wonderful journey – wish I was there!

  2. Wow! Where to begin. First of all Diane, you are one great tour guide. Thanks for taking me along on your adventure, as I felt like I was there with you both enjoying every moment! What a treasure for Vivian to have her visit and SCBWI talk on video. New Zealand is so beautiful — Oprah is right! I especially loved seeing the beaches, geysers, the Maori concert, the swinging bridges in the Red Woods, and the Hobbit community. And the all the wonderful food — I imagine some pounds were added by both of you! What is a ginger beer? And, do you have to worry about the ozone layer since you are so far south — noticed you both covered with hats and shirts when it was hot? I remember having to be careful in Brazil. I am so happy you enjoyed each other’s company! Lovely post!

  3. Hi Pat. So happy you posted a comment. Yes we are having a great time here. Hmmm yes I think we will both be going on diets when Vivian leaves for Switzerland. So happy to hear you are enjoying the videos with pics. Ginger beer is like root beer. Its like soda but flavoured with ginger and usually non alcoholic.. People get burnt very quickly with the sun down here. Vivian put cream on and early on her feet which were in Jandals (flipflops) got burnt. So she keeps a very light shirt on to keep herself covered up. I on the other hand are very naughty and forget to do this. But as you can see I get very brown anyway. More video and pics soon. Thanks Pat.

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