Perfect Picture Book – Friday

This book review was not the intended one for this week but due to an unfortunate incident which has left me without a laptop among other things and in such a distressed state, one of my staff knowing I review children’s books offered to cheer me up by reading the following book aloud to me.  They say things happen for a reason……..


Author/Illustrator:  Daniel Postgate

First Published: in 2004 by Meadowside Children’s Books

Second Edition Published: 2006 by Little Bee – Imprint of Meadowside Children’s Books.

Age:  3 years and up

Opening Page “Now listen up,” said Big Mum Plum, “And hear the words I say –

Eat your porridge everyone… you’re off to school today!”

That gave her pigs a mighty scare.  They jumped from table, stool and chair

And scattered here, there, everywhere and hid themselves away. 

Back Cover:   Everyone hide – it’s school today!  But the little ones haven’t counted on Big Mum Plum.  Will school be so bad?  Or will it be Big Mum Plum who is surprised?

Theme:   Starting school, fear, nervousness,

Synopsis:  It is first day of school for 7 little piglets and feeling scared they run off in all directions to hide.  Unfortunately no one can hide from Big mum Plum.   After finally dropping them off , just how did they find their first day of school?  Well I’ll let you discover that little treat.

Why I liked it:   Daniel is a master at putting hilarious tongue-in-cheek words in clear lyrical text surrounded by colourful cartoon illustrations sure to cause a roar of laughter from both young and old.  In one of the most funniest moments Daniel shows us how not to use words to “tell” us where one little pig had hidden but instead left it for the illustrations.  The text…..  The next one out was Betsy-Mae.  Oh what a place to hide away!  Big Mum Plum she pulled the chain….. Dear Betsy won’t hide there again.   I could visualise the kids laughing all the way through this book.

Activities and Findings:   This is a website showing some of Daniels books also if you click on the link on the page it will trafer you to his website so you can see more of his work.  He is also the author of Smelly Bill and Kevin Saves the World among many others.  As a freelance author, cartoonist with over 20 years experience he has won many award in England.  this is a great activity website for back to school activities for the kids.  Love the idea of getting the kids to write a small booklet about themselves…

For more books with resources please visit author Susanna Leonard Hill’s blog and find the tab for Picture Perfect Book.

I will be “off air” for a day or two for normal  posting, (using only iphone), but hope to be back up soon.

About Diane Tulloch

Known also as the Patientdreamer I am a writer who loves to dream, and is passionate about writing stories for the young so that they may join me in the wonders of adventure in countries and cultures afar, and in special moments to remember.
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20 Responses to Perfect Picture Book – Friday

  1. Cathy Ballou Mealey says:

    I’m agog that after the week you have had, you still contribute such a fun and lively review for PPBF! I love the rhyme and the concept – will definitely look for this book.


    • Aww thankyou Cathy, so lovely to have you here. Yes my staff read this aloud to me at work hoping to cheer me up, I was a bit of a mess that day. They are sweet and so are you, thankyou.

  2. Diane, this book looks delightful and fun! So glad you chose it 🙂 You’re like the mailman – hail, sleet, snow, rain or stolen computers, nothing shall stop you from your appointed rounds! I think you deserve a prize for getting your post up today! What would you like (aside from to have your computer back which I’m afraid is not within my power :() I will do my best to get your link up – I’ve been having computer trouble too, but nothing like yours! Thanks for posting in spite of everything – you’re a real trooper! 🙂

  3. Awww Yay! Susanna, you got it up…. Bless you! I was throwing a hissy fit at this stupid laptop (obviously not mine) but I so didn’t want to miss the Friday post….lol. Laughed at your comment regarding being like the mailman..LOL. Thankyou *hug*

  4. This so like it will give my kids and me a lot of laughs. Thanks for sharing your review Diane

  5. Bill Kirk says:

    So sorry for all the laptop stress. That’s got to be a drag. But I must say you recovered nicely. This is a great review of what sounds like a terrific book.

  6. Okay, the cover grabbed my attention immediately. I would read it just because of the cover. Enjoyed your review as this sounds like a very humorous books with some surprises. Agree with Susanna, you come through no matter what. You deserve a special award for perserverance. I feel so bad that you lost you MS. Hope you had some paper copies, so all is not lost.

    • I am so pleased you love the book review. the cover is priceless and the story certainly is hilarous. Sooooo what I needed. It wasn’t the scheduled post I was going to do as that one required more research but I couldn’t cope with that at the time. Thankyou for your kind wishes. (fingers cross I have some good news next week)

  7. Love tongue-in-cheek! Thanks for adding snipets of the text :]) It’s a definite read for me.
    Already know I like Mum’s spirit!!

    Kudos to you, Diane, for trekking through the storm as you stir toward your goal!

    • This is very funny indeed and you will get a great kick out of it. As I said it made me laugh which was a good thing considering. Thankyou also for your kind words, how can I stay down with all this love in the writing world from friends such as yourself…. thanks Lori.

  8. Catherine Johnson says:

    Another brilliant rhyming one. So sorry to hear you’ve had laptop trouble. Did it get stolen? That’s terrible. I do hope you can recover your MS and any photos. Yikes! Take care.

    • Hi Catherine, yes laptop and ms’s, photos, teleseminars etc…etc.. all gone. *sigh*. (fingers cross something good comes along) … glad you like this review, the book is hilarous.. enjoy.

  9. Very kind of your co-worker to share the book with you to cheer us all up. I think it’s dreadful that you lost your work and still found time to share. Good luck getting back to normal.

    • Thankyou Stacy for your kind words. Everyone has been so kind and my staff knew how much it meant to me (my writing). Lets hope next week things will look better.

  10. This looks like some skillful and hilarious rhyming and, of course, I want to see Besty Mae’s hiding place now! Great choice, and prize-worthy, as Susanna says, considering your circumstances!

  11. LOL….. I thought you would have guessed Besty Mae’s hiding place, Joanna…lol. Yes great rhyming in this book, I know you would love it. Thankyou for your kind words, friends like you is prize enough.

  12. I am really sad that you lost your laptop 😦 but I am glad this book cheered you up! It seems like a funny book that I would enjoy a lot! I hope your week is really good!!

    • Thankyou Erik for your kind words. You know, I read your interview with me a couple of times which really helped cheer me up to. I have good news now… I have a new laptop and managed to retrieve some of my work. …. yay! Pop back anytime.

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