“12x12in12 Party” Downunder!

Warm and reassuring, friendships abound,

Platefuls of whit, served with talent is found.

Here you can ask any question or prompt,

to encourage an idea you have to bear fruit.

Inspiration is here, there and everywhere,

Just follow the directions posted with care.

Resources, conferences, information is rampant,

A bevy of gems, it’s paradise, a writers delight.

From authors to illustrators, published or not,

We are altogether here, in the same boat,

12 Manuscripts in 12 months by the end of the year,

And we have made it halfway, horray and good cheer.

6 months down with 6 months to go,

To celebrate wine, cake and candles to blow.

So let your hair down enjoy this special time,

And PAARRTTYY wherever you are with Julie and friends online.

Let’s hear the clink of glasses to celebrate the successes,

And everyone shimmy, virbrating the net in “Happy dances”.

Here’s to Julie and Special friends of 12x12in2012


Hi everyone,

Trying to think of what to come up with for a party online, can be quite challenging.  As I have said before, I am no poet but I just couldn’t resist throwing temptation to the wind and having ago….lol.

Here it is winter now and you lot are all enjoying the summer, so I will forfeit the strapless little black number I normally would wear, and don trousers and a woollen turtleneck instead…lol.  I will certainly celebrate with a bottle of white chardonay, yes that’s right a bottle, after all I am at home and don’t have to drive, yay! (make that two bottles unless I am already legless…lol).  I am both grateful and blessed for the friends I have made on 12x12in12.  Julie has done a stellar job in bringing us all together, from around the world with guests, resources, giveaways and loads of fun. This is a fabulous idea and I look forward to the next 6 months.

Here it is customary when invited to a party to always take a plate. That is, a plate with some food on it, usually enough for everyone.  So as promised I have made a cake for you all to share…… Enjoy!

(12 completed manuscripts, will look like…lol)

About Diane Tulloch

Known also as the Patientdreamer I am a writer who loves to dream, and is passionate about writing stories for the young so that they may join me in the wonders of adventure in countries and cultures afar, and in special moments to remember.
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70 Responses to “12x12in12 Party” Downunder!

  1. Julie says:

    Your cake is beyond lovely Diane, and so is your poem! I especially loved this line: to encourage an idea you have to pear fruit.

    Here is to the next 6 months – I’ve already had my wine – LOL. I’m so honored to have you in the group.

  2. Joanna says:

    Cheers! Your poem and cake are fabulous! Happy celebrations!

  3. Melissa says:

    Wow! What an amazing cake. I want cake now!

    Off to write my post…

  4. Catherine Johnson says:

    Wonderful celebrations Diane. Your poem and cake are brilliant!

  5. Diane, congratulations! Love your poem and the cake…..yummy! Happy Half way there!!!!!

  6. Kathy Phillips says:

    Wow! Talented writer and cake maker too!

  7. That cake is incredible looking and what a lovely poem Diane!

  8. Fun post. Love the cake and poem Diane! Congratulations! Can’t believe it’s winter there.

  9. I love the cake! And the poem! And the talk! I LOVE THIS POST!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. When I clicked to enlarge the cake photo, I said out loud, “Oh… Wow…” What an incredible stack-of-manuscripts cake! Happy Half-way There, Diane!

  11. tinamcho says:

    I’m very impressed! Awesome cake and poem! Happy 12x12x12 to you!

  12. Gotta get me some o’ that cake!

  13. YUM!!! I love everything about this:)

  14. Diane…what a great post! Your poem is such fun…and the cake looks DELISH! The best part about this 12×12 online party is NO CALORIES, even though I am having goodies on every blog.:) Best of luck and happy writing in the second half of the year!

    • LOL….. I agree with you there Vivian about the NO CALORIES! Wish my waistline would take note…lol. Thankyou so much for your lovely comment and happy writing to you to!

  15. Hannah Holt says:

    Mmmm. Delicious poem and cake! I don’t get to comment as often as I would like, but I’m a follower of yours, Diane. I can’t wait to see what the second half of the year brings!

  16. Thankyou so much Hannah, so glad you liked this post and I am delighted to hear you are a follower. Yeah, me too, can’t wait…lol.!

  17. Wonderful poem and yummy looking cake! And 12 completed??? You need to party, girl!

    • LOL… NOoooooo I haven’t completed 12, this is to show you what 12 completed looks like… well, roughly what it looks like…lol. Sorry Penny, guess it is a bit missleading…lol.

  18. Wow! I’m impressed. You created a wonderful poem and to top it off, you even made a gorgeous cake! Happy 6 x 6 in 2012! (so far)

  19. romellebroas says:

    Wow! I’m impressed. You created a lovely poem and to top it off, a gorgeous looking cake! Happy 12 x 12 in 2012 Halfway Mark!

  20. Oh, my goodness, the CAKE! Such talent! I gasped when I saw the enlarged photo and my sons came running to see what caused it. We are in awe of your skills. The poem is sweet and I hope you enjoyed your wine all bundled up warm and cozy. Happy halfway!

    • LOL….. awww… Thankyou for your sweet words. I wish I could have passed you a few pieces through the screen to share with you and the boys. As long as I am warm that’s the main thing. Happy halfway to you to, and lovely to hear from you Heather.

  21. karadhya says:

    It’s such an accomplishment to even get one manuscript written, so congratulations on your milestone!! I enjoyed reading your poem, too! And hope you enjoyed your beautiful cake. Thanks for sharing!

  22. A CAKE and a poem? I’m in (blog) party heaven! What fun, mate! (Um, technically, I’m not a mate. I’m from Georgia. But I speak Down Under. 😉

  23. Your cake is very impressive! Thanks for the poem too! It has been fun reading how everyone is celebrating. Good luck during the next six months!

  24. Oh, My! Delightfully awesome cake!!! And then you topped it off with a poem–you must have more energy down under!! Thanks for inviting us to your party! And Congrats!

  25. Sheri Cook says:

    Your CAKE rocks and so did the POEM! Happy Half-Way Mark via the 12x12in2012 Picture Book Challenge!!!

  26. Donna Martin says:

    What a FABULOUS cake, Diane! Here’s to another six months of wonderful writing…

  27. Hi Diane! Thanks for the cake! Loved the poem. Hooray! Here’s to the next 6 months!

  28. renajtraxel says:

    Whoot! Congrats on completing 12mss.

  29. Happy Half Way and good luck with the next 6!

  30. Deb Lund says:

    I am so impressed by that cake! You deserve some kind of prize! But, you do have all our affection and admiration!

  31. Awww…… thankyou Deb that is so sweet of you. Enjoy the party!

  32. Diane, you are very artistic; this is an enjoyable (yummy) post. 🙂

  33. moonduster says:

    Wow! What a wonderful cake! So many talented people in this group! 🙂

  34. Jarm Del Boccio says:

    That’s a stack of manuscripts, there, Diane…very clever! Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we all published a PB as a result of 12×12?! Thanks for inviting me to the party…

  35. Stacy S. Jensen says:

    I was thrilled by the poem and then cake! Very lovely. I can’t wait to see your 12 manuscripts. I promise I won’t eat them, just a tiny corner of the cake.

  36. SevenAcreSky says:

    Love that cake! Great party post, and enjoy your ‘wiinter’…it’s a hot hot muggy miserable summer (weather-wise) in southeast Arkansas, USA. To bad, but our wine is boiling at room temperature.

    • Ohhhh …. too bad about the warm wine. Glad you enjoyed this. Winter is winter..blah! Can’t wait for summer…lol. Loved having you here come back anytime.

  37. thegracefuldoe says:

    I loved your party poem and ADORED your cake–it looks amazing! Congratulations on halfway and good luck with the remaining six months.

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