Merry Christmas

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As Christmas Cheer rings out on Radio and Televisions around the world, and we delight in the exchanging and giving of gifts and give in to tempting delectables to eat, let us take a moment to reflect on the children around the world.  With the recent Sandy Hook shooting event in the United States, and no I wasn’t going to mention it, as it has all been said.  But I wanted to highlight a couple of posts that touched me, deeply.  A dear friends blog post,  , also another very moving post written and read to us by the creative Julie Hedlund  on Katie Davis Blog…   and only a couple of days ago a serious car accident in my country has put a couple of children near death, made me think of the others who Christmas will not be such a joyous time.  Again this year I think of the children such as the ones in remote parts of Laos who are unable to receive the beautiful gift of a book.   Thankfully the lovely people at Big Brother Mouse are trying to print books to send to the kids in these remote places by elephant.  See the website… .  I hope in the coming year we as writers are able to put books into the hands of children, so they might learn, love and understand the world we live in.  To enjoy the wonder between the pages, the squeals of delight at each new colourful picture and innocently steps into a world of adventure, and mystery and feel safe and comforted by our words.

Here’s hoping 2013 will be eventful, bringing all your dreams to fulfilment.  I wish you all a Merry Christmas and much happiness and love.

About Diane Tulloch

Known also as the Patientdreamer I am a writer who loves to dream, and is passionate about writing stories for the young so that they may join me in the wonders of adventure in countries and cultures afar, and in special moments to remember.
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18 Responses to Merry Christmas

  1. Loved the last lines and ‘innocent steps’, so beautifully put! Merry Christmas to you too! Und ein guten Rutsch!

  2. Darlene says:

    A perfect Christmas post Diane. Merry Merry Christmas to you and yours and all the best for the New Year!!

  3. May your Christmas be filled with joy, light, and love, Diane. And here’s to a new year filled with sharing stories with children everywhere!

  4. Diane, I am honored to have written a post which seemed to touch your spirit. May we both create stories in the new year to lift up the spirit of others along the way…

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Donna L Martin

  5. A lovely Christmas post Diane and a lovely photo of you and would it be your nephew? While we all avoid thinking or writing about these sad things that happen the families involved are living through it and will never escape the memorie. Wishing you and your family a happy and peaceful Christmas x

    • Soooo lovely to hear from you Anne. Thankyou for your kind words. Yes it is one of my sweet young nephews who came to visit here a few weeks ago. At 6yrs he is smaller than his younger brother, and is adorable. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and all good things over this festive time and through the New Year, my friend.

  6. Merry Christmas! Thank you for remembering the people who died at Sandy Hook. Our school made paper snowflakes to send to the kids of Sandy Hook when they return to school next month. There are people trying to get as many paper snowflakes as they can to show the kids people care. I hope you and your family have a great Christmas and a happy New Year!!!

    • Awww…. thankyou Erik. So sweet of you and your school making all those snow flakes. I am sure they will appreciate the thoughts. I hope you and Josie and your family have a great day. Merry Christmas, my friend.

  7. Beautiful post, Diane! I linked this to my Christmas Day post.:) Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy and Successful New Year!

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  9. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Absolutely love Big Brother Mouse and have it on my favorite bar, but I wish they had different levels of giving. I have to spread my giving to a number of organizations. Love this organization, though! Did you mention it to Patricia McCormick?

    • Merry Christmas dear Pat. I had a wonderful time and enjoying only the normal stat holidays off. Working extra days due to other staff on leave. Thankyou for your comments and heres hoping 2013 will be of benefit to this wonderful organization. Yes I had mentioned it to Patricia. Have a Happy New Year.

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